Welcome to ALD Lab Saxony

ALD Lab Saxony is a division of Cool Silicon and combines several universities and resarch institutes to the largest German ALD cluster. Please explore our website to discover the world of Atomic Layer Deposition and to receive informations, news and announcements from the ALD community.

Please have a look on our news blog and our events section for latest information on recent activities and upcoming events.


Delegates of the ALD Lab Saxony at ALD 2016 Conference in Dublin, Ireland. From left to right: C. Georgi, A. Zienert, L. Jäckel, U. Helmstedt, M. Junige, D. Fischer, C. Militzer, U. Schröder, W. Gödel, C. Hoßbach, M. Knaut and J. W. Bartha, already departed: J. Sundqvist, H.-D. Schnabel and S. Wege – photo by Katharina Knaut